Students testing
May 16, 2017

With the testing season fast approaching, many public schools are in need of volunteers to come into classrooms and serve as test proctors. Test proctors serve as the additional set of eyes,ears and hands for teachers, ensuring that testing occurs fairly and uniformly. One school less than five miles away, Nathaniel Alexander Elementary, has reached out to UNC Charlotte, to see about filling some of the proctor positions. 

"While the term “test proctor” may sound intimidating, it is truly nothing to fear" states Denise Addison, dean of students at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary School. "Our teachers need the additional resources but also know that volunteers need resources as well. So we have prepared a quick thirty minute orientation outlining exactly what test proctors should expect."

Proctors would need to be at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary School by 8:00 am on testing days. The test will start at 8:30 and possibly run through 1:00 with breaks included.

Below you will find the testing dates, grade levels and how many areas still need proctors.

Date Grade Level and Subject # of Classrooms/Testing Groups
May 24 3rd and 4th grades - Math 13
May 25 3rd, 4th and 5th grades - Reading 19
May 26 5th grade - Math 6
May 30

5th grade - Science

Make up testing day

June 2

3rd grade - Retest

Make up testing day

June 7 3rd grade - Retest TBD


For more information or if you have questions on proctoring at Nathaniel Alexander, please email Denise Addison.