Employee volunteerism is not a new concept and certainly is not new to UNC Charlotte employees. Our employees are out in the community everyday of the week, making a positive and lasting impact in more ways than one. Each year, full-time employees are provided 24 hours of service leave, a benefit that not only brings value to our communities but to UNC Charlotte and its employees.

Research shows that employee volunteerism programs are beneficial to the organization that provides employees volunteer opportunities, to the employees themselves and of course to the recipients of our service. Here are a few benefits:

  • Develops and enhances employees' professional and leadership skills
  • Boosts employee and workplace morale, team building, productivity and motivation
  • Increases employees' purpose 
  • Builds stronger communities by addressing social issues
  • Illustrates organizational values in action
  • Positions organization as a leader in giving back locally

Community Relations is actively working towards creating an intentional and sustainable employee volunteerism culture by developing new initiatives like Day of Service and National Volunteer Week new programs like team-building volunteerism and skills-based volunteerism.

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For more information on the University's community service leave policy, please click here.